a manic makeup monday

Being back to the grind does not allow for much blog reading or internet soul searching, so we wanted to do a quick tutorial on how to make your eyes pop even during the third cup o’ joe of the day.

We love makeup because you can do so much, yet so little with it. Here is a quick and easy guide on how to use white eyeliner as so much more than a 1960’s Twiggy look.

For everyday wear, you can use white liner in the corner of your eye by the tear duct area. All you need to do is small ‘v’ shape from the top of where your lash line begins to the bottom, dragged a bit past where the bottom lash line starts. This is a great depiction:

Next, and our most recent find, is using the white liner on the upper part of your lip, right at the cupids bow. You can simply make a little arch where the top of your lips peak, and lightly line. This technique gives your lip some more definition:

Thirdly, to highlight your brow bone, you should always use the lightest shade on your palette to do so. But if you want it to be more drastic, use the white liner instead. You will have to use your finger in a back and forth manner to smudge the line so it is not so hard looking as seen below:

Finally, to make your eyes pop even more, line the inner water line of your top and bottom eye with white liner. At first, this can feel very weird and uncomfortable, but by the second time, it’s a cinch. This below pic also shows how you use the liner on your brow bone and on the inside of your tear duct:

So welcome to the world of white liner ladies–one of the essentials that should be in every women’s makeup case. You don’t have to use an expensive liner to start either, and you can also use a white eye shadow instead of liner as well. We like wet and wild kohl eyeliner in white. If you’re already a makeup afficionado, try make up forever white liner in 14L. Labor day may be over, but you can always wear this white without a hitch.


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