tawny gone wild

We can probably all agree that sometimes, we just get bored with our outer shells. A new shirt, a different hair color, a new eye shadow palette, some hot kicks, all these things cost money and you wind up investing in something for the short haul. And we aren’t all blessed with the dolla dolla bills y’all to have such habits. So here’s a quick change for free…

Hair got you down ladies? Well, here’s an easy, breezy way to change your locks without causing permanent and irreparable damage. This month, we are loving the crimp.

Tis’ simple! After a shower(or simply a soak of the hair), towel-dry and apply some type of styling product-the product you choose is dependent upon your hair type… ALWAYS. Here are some of Flaxen’s favorites for various hair textures;

Next, braid your hair in as many little braids as you would like when your hair is still wet as seen below.

Braided Tendrils

Done and done. Head off to bed, dreaming of moonbeams and candy canes…

The next morning, carefully remove the elastics from the end of each braid. In the palms of your hands, apply some of the product you used the night before mixed with approximately a dime sized dab of either aforementioned styling cream. If that is the only product you used then that is all you will need!

Mix these products well in your hands(so as to no longer be able to see the white of the cream), carefully seperate the braids with your fingertips and scrunch. Start at the ends of the hair, and work up toward the root. Be sure to never apply product directly at the roots, unless of course, you’re actually going for the 50’s greaser do, or perhaps the mid-90’s I-haven’t-washed-my-hair-in-2-months-going-through-puberty-it’s-called-‘grunge’ effect), or are otherwise directed by your hairstylist or the directions on the bottle…

Flip your hair over your head, and bam! You got this look for free (with the exception of sad face…allergies got anyone else down?)

Crimpin' in style

We don’t need to hang out on the sands of Ibiza with Tara Reid, causing ruckus and mayhem, to be sporting these Girls Gone Wild locks;)

Check out davines website and bumble and bumble for other awesome products and product cocktail recipes!


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