making dreams come true.

Flaxen Tawny LOVES and strongly supports newly aspiring and risk-taking artists, designers, and dreamers(we feel we fall into this category). We know how much support is necessary when first starting off, and are always on the hunt for talented, new artists to give our utmost support.

We stumbled upon this Icelandic designer this morning, VAKNA. Although her work has not yet reached a state of overabundance, we don’t feel that this is such a bad thing considering the incontestable quality, design, and craftmanship. So, we are doing what we do best and sharing it with you;)

These are a handful of our favorites from Vakna’s up and coming website. Enjoy!

carved watch-"With each hour that passes by, an hour is carved away from our lives. Each hour on the watch is carved out from the body - representing the time in 3 dimenstion - to remind us to use our time well."

intimate utensils

bird's house- "The birdhouse is designed to attract certain songbirds. The Bird's House has an integrated phonograph that is supposed to project the beautiful songs to the neighbourhood."

suit with a hoodie

MC capri pants-"The MC Capri Pants are made from 100% cotton and can be dressed up or down; and be worn by men or women. They are the cross between skirt and pants inspired by the indian belly dancers outfits."

You can send purchasing inquires directly to Kristrun Hjartar at: Check out the rest of her work here.


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