even Brando wore makeup.

On a quest for a blog somewhat out of FT’s pandora box, we happened upon something that we often don’t give much thought to: mens’ make-up. Clearly, we know that men do indeed wear make-up on the big screen, red carpets, the ‘runway’, onstage (see above Boy George pic with and without his painted face) and in print ads in order to secure the most perfect of perfect looks.

But what about men who function on a day to day corporate America-fied basis, or other such gigs, where their looks aren’t the focal point? Men have scars, acne, and moles just like us ladies do, but we cover it all up with concealer when needed. So should a man feel he is forced to leave his house with a giant north star on his nose? Or can he draw on some cover up and end his tears of a clown? Of course, this choice is subjective and we thought that if any of our male readers were interested, we’d research and make it fun and enjoyable…as usual;)

The Men Pen

First up, the men pen (please refrain from chuckling till after you read all about it). The pen is basically a concealer stick that comes in 17 different shades in order to best suit your complexion color and type. Testamonials suggest that the men pen is great for covering razor burn, scars, under-eye dark circles, and even tattoos. Sounds pretty great and it can be yours for $17.95. Gents, if you think this is expensive, please do not check your darlings’ receipts when they return from a shopping trip at Sephora.

If you have the extra cash on hand and believe everything that you read, 4voo cosmetics is what Hollywood A-listers are using.

4voo Corrector

The entire site is dedicated to men’s skin care, but the primary focus is manmetics (gotta make ‘cosmetics’ sound a lil’ more manified, right?). In particular, the confidence corrector is said to be a well-rounded product, covering the same areas previously mentioned as the men pen. However, this corrector only comes in 4 shades and is $34.00, almost twice the price of the men pen.

Maybe this post will be helpful to you, or maybe it will be painful. But one thing we can all agree on is that no man or woman has a flawless, perfect complexion, except perhaps this guy. Keep in mind, however, his ‘fake baking’ and spray-tan addiction, and the great possibility that he perhaps may be an alien from some perfect people planet. Boo….


One thought on “even Brando wore makeup.

  1. I’ve had the chance to review “Flaxen Tawny Story Board” and I’m very happy I did. You girls are doing a wonderful job and I appreciate the effort you put into this blog.

    I’d like to offer my congratulations as your blog will be added to the Blogging Women directory.

    I created Blogging Women to showcase the wonderful world of blogs created by women and I’m pleased to be adding another quality blog to our directory.

    Keep up the fine work you two are doing!!

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