when boys get jeweled.

Aside from wedding bands, watches, and 18k gold necklaces with your mother’s patron saint on a charm, men’s jewelry has always been one of those touchy topics that everyone steers of clear of. Yes if you were a hippy in college, you might have once donned this or this. And we forgive you for it. The strange thing is, we always sort of thought there was something sexy (yet cheesy) about it, but we wouldn’t admit it to even our best of friends.

So we’re doing the great reveal today of what we are deeming acceptable in mens moderate priced jewelry. If you want our buy in on what makes a man ‘manly’ even if he is sporting jewelry, pay close attention. That man in your life may be hesitant to purchase his own so tell him it’s in fashion, and that you like something to hold onto, when you gift it to him;)

Make your non-surfer bf look like one (visit tribal mayhem):

Fish Hook Necklace 20" long $39.00

Re' Are' Surfer Chord Necklace $39.00

Mark your territory forever with these tags (visit tribalhollywood.com):

Lionheart Royal Dog Tag $39.00 (pair with a brown leather chord)

Block Carbon Fiber Tag $39.00 (pair with a black leather chord)

Cuff him at the wrist, no lock and key necessary with these (visit calitrendz.com):

Double Layer Leather Bracelet $14.99

Celebrity Leather Bracelet $24.99

How it 'hooks' em' in

Your man doesn’t need to escape to San Diego, write prose while sleeping under a willow tree, and learn the art of surfing by the great instructors at Eli Howard to get away with these fashion do’s.


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