because it’s a day you’ll never forget.

You’re getting married. It’s huge, it’s THE day… and you definitely don’t want to look back at yourself and think, “who was that girl??” There is not one more important day to feel more beautiful, more confident, and simply comfortable than the day you say ‘I do’, but if there had to be a runner up, we’d vote the rehearsal dinner. This is the night that prefaces the biggest day of your life, so let not it pass you by underneath all of the stresses of your day in white.

So many people opt for destination weddings these days, the beach and marriage has become a modern dicotomy. We were inspired by Sue’s own destination wedding to St John. With a little help from Flaxen’s mom’s personal vintage wardrobe, this is our interpretation;)

rehearsal evening

keeping Sue’s hair and makeup soft and natural lends to the relaxed beachy feel as well as a look she will never regret

the big day

Hair, Make Up and Styling by Flaxen Tawny

Photographs by TAB Photographic

Accessories by Fashionmongers

Model: Sue Cope


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