don’t let the stillness of stains boggle you

There are some things in life that we just can’t control. We find stains to be a perfect example of this. How many times have you worn that new $185 Facconable shirt fellas, before you notice the red sauce stain from your girlfriends failed attempt at a nice chicken fra diavlo dinner? And instead of just accepting that you will bring it to the dry cleaner tomorrow and perhaps that the shirt will come back with the pre-manufactured note ‘this garment was cleaned as best as possible’, you become so angry and snippy, and take it out on your girlfriend? Obviously, it was her fault. She’s the one that made that crap dinner in the first place. Sorry, that is just not acceptable.

At FT, we believe ‘perfect’ is really just a play on words. No one is or can be perfect, so how can inanimate, tangible things be perfect either? They can’t. So, what do we do with our clothes bearing the story of stains? We wear them! If it’s a stain of incomprehendable, icky sorts, we leave it by the wayside. But if the stain can be masked by a jacket, scarf, jewelry, ascot, etc., wear that puppy again. And stop punishing yourself for accidents. They do happen. Just consider them mini works of art.

All great work is preparing yourself for the accident to happen.
-Sidney Lumet


2 thoughts on “don’t let the stillness of stains boggle you

  1. If you two ladies were able to figure out how to get rid of deodorant stains, you would be goddesses in eyes for life! Those are stains that are never ok in my eyes. I have too much ruined clothing to prove it!

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