show us what you got…

Attention! Attention!

We are on the hunt for photos of beautiful people wearing beautiful things in beautiful places… aka, you;) So, we are calling upon all flaxen tawny readers to send in pictures to help us out and will be beginning a weekly post to share our favorites with you..

Please make sure that you tell us where you are, who took the photo and who you are wearing(be it Christian Louboutin, Isaac Mizrahi for Target, or a Salvation Army find with or without a label) so we can give credit where credit is due.

Have fun with this… get creative, silly, risque, whatevs. Show us your cache artistic talents… Think of it as an art homework assignment of sorts. See, we are so often inspired by those surrounding us that we want to be able to share that inspiration with you, and for you to do the same with us!! AND, after all, this could be your one shot at 15 minutes of fame so don’t delay…;)

*We will be posting your pictures beginning next week…

make all submissions to
please include the following in the email;

  • name(optional)
  • location of photograph
  • name of photographer
  • what you or the model is wearing(designers)

We look forward to hearing from you.



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