a card to clear your conscience

*The knot to the noose that just killed your social life. Way to go, party poopers.

Flaxen is always trying to get Tawny to write cards to friends and family on requisite occasions. Tawny has never been a big fan, while Flaxen has a mild obsession and a major stash in her nightstand. But when someone recently turned Tawny on to the cards they sell at old tom foolery, she’s now singing a different tune.

Beware if you have an upcoming nuptial or birthday. Our card could be lurking just around the corner…

*Lazy People Sign Card As If They Had Something To Do With It

P.S. Flaxen Tawny does not support the purchase of cards for cubicle neighbors at work. We don’t even really know ‘Joe’ let alone like him, so why the hell are we signing a card in his honor? Pasadena;)


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