it’s all happening.

So I was browsing facebook this morning over coffee and baby einstein, stalking out people’s status updates.. seeing what I may have missed in the past 15 hours(sick really), when I came across my friend April’s status: “it’s all happening.” Someone asked, “what?? what’s happening??” And in short she responded, life, and then referenced this scene from the film Almost Famous– (sidenote-one of FT’s favorites).

Life is happening, whether you choose to be a part of it or not. Life doesn’t stop. Things evolve, people evolve, everything changes… including you.

FT embraces these changes, and encourages you all to do the same. Whether it’s starting a new job, or ending an old one. Whether it’s deciding to move, or deciding to stay. Deciding to love, or deciding to be alone… life throws us curve balls daily, and it’s how we react to these changes that makes us stronger, happier people. There are simple things we can practice everyday that will help us to better manage these testing moments in life, and it can start with something as simple as changing your hair color, makeup routine, or mixing up your wardrobe a bit… running a different course in the morning, and driving the back roads home once in a while instead of always taking the highway. It may take more time, but the view is far better, rest assured;)

Life is happening all around us-and it’s short. Be part of it.


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