flaxen tawny: the optimists who carry raincoats

Trench coats need to be redeemed. They are a necessity; not an indication of serial killer tendencies. Let’s get real here;) So we will just brush past precedent under the rug, call them “raincoats”, and bring them back as the pure and basic style that they have always been.

That being said, let us not be naive and believe that we must pay top dollar for one because that is what the high-end fashion houses and mundane conventional magazines are shoving in our faces. We have done some extensive research.

Our findings:

For Nuts and Bolts Lovers- The Gap



Mid-Range Upper Crusters- London Fog



Metropolitan Townies- Bluefly.com



Please bear in mind that these are cheap and easy picks (that double dip recession could be just around the corner) that will most likely take you through Spring where you will then find yourself in a place hankering for another. So, you wanna play with the big boys?

Rolling in “Its”- Burberry



No matter what price bracket you’re in, we all have the option of singin’ in the rain…


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