my new boyfriend

We adore our friends. We adore them even more when they work in retail and offer to buy us birthday presents straight from the clothing line they rep;)

Just last week, I was graced with the opportunity to do a tour de force through my girls line and pick any item of my choice. I chose a C&C boyfriend blazer from their Fall collection. To be completely candid, I am not typically a blazer kind of gal. Being tall and lanky, I can hardly ever find a blazer long enough to fit either my torso or arms. I wind up feeling all stuffy and uncomfortable not unlike a fat guy in a little coat. This look is neither cute nor safe as it can possibly yield rips at the seam. But this ‘blazer’ is a cotton blend so it allows for give in the right places and the sleeves are long enough to be cuffed or to be left rolled down. It has been my staple ever since.

Ergo, this post is an homage to clothing, friendship, and non-asphyxiating, clingy boyfriends who are just the right fit.


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