bed:stu, not bed stuy (well, sorta…)

I stumbled upon these babies totally inadvertently. I mean, what else can you do during a sleepless 6 hours due to a panting, chirping, and frankly, sick in the head miniature schnauzer? Trawl the internet like a creep, clearly.

Well thank goodness for ‘mini’ favors (or death sentences), rainy days, and of course, the start of the Fall fashion season. We have already touched upon the military inspired boot for women, which I have been rocking all summer. But I feel like we’ve been ignoring you fellas a little bit; getting all emo over weddings, earrings, and handbags, and neglecting all of your needs and desires. Is this something we do often? The key to all working relationships is indeed open communication. Please tell us next time.

Where was I? Ah yes, boys and boots. To FT, there is nothing sweeter than a boy in boots; so gruff, so tough and so hot. Think we may have found the spot to make this all happen for you, and one born out of our very own Brooklyn taboot. Bed:Stu began in an old building converted into a warehouse with the sole purpose of creating footwear inspired by the resilient streets of Bed Stuy, Brooklyn (that would be old Bed Stuy…today it is a hipster haven that is neither rough nor tumble). The website has shoes and boots for men and women, but our focus is on you bronking bucks today.

The Chalker

The Loop

The System

…finger lickin’ good, eh? And don’t forget to take a gander at the belts; they can assist in creating a balance to keep your boots and waistline in perfect qi or chi for all you Westerners;)


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