a story for your love.

So as I had previously mentioned about a week ago, a couple of my really good friends from CT got married this past weekend. Megan and Greg have been together for some 6+ years and after all of that time decided that they really did like each other enough to make it official. 😉
As a friend of Megan’s for more than 8 years now, I was thrilled to hear the news of the two lovies deciding to tie the knot. I have to say, I had a little bit of a personal investment in the success of this relationship… See, she and I actually lived together at the time that they got together. During a small break in the relationship, I offered my girlfriend services to Meg in aiding to mend the situation. Being it a personal event, I won’t get into too many details except that it involved me sneaking into Greg’s room at a party to deposit a hand-written letter. Oh, isn’t this what girlfriends are for?!?
The point being here, is that we all have our stories. And in our opinion, the more and the better the stories, the bigger and stronger the love will be. And from being around this couple enough, I have to say that their love is a good one. May we all find something so great someday.
Congratulations Megan and Greg! Nothing but love, laughter and friendship to you both throughout your lives. Thank you for letting us be a part of your wonderful day!!

these are some of our own shots from the beautiful day.. we know they’re not professional quality(we’ve never claimed to be photographers), but couldn’t help but share with you anyway!! enjoy!

the glowing bride-to-be

the hair(done by none other than Flaxen Tawny)

les fleurs

the people

dress: pins and needles-urban outfitters, earrings: vintage, necklace: chain-Tawny's grandfather, pendant- Temple St. Clair, hand bag: target, shoes: seychelles-nordstrom

recognize those shoes??

maid of honor dress: anthropologie, shoes: steve madden, flower girls dresses: Kohl's, bridal gown: David's Bridal, Groom's tux: Calvin Klein

bridal gown: David's Bridal, all bride's jewelry: Mallove's, jenn's dress: pins and needles-urban outfitters, earrings: vintage

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