shopping tawny’s closet

Playing in someone else’s wardrobe can be better than shopping! It’s so non-committal, and allows us so much room to be inspired and influenced in our own closets. One of the perks when staying chez dana in brooklyn, ny is getting to play in Tawny’s closet as well as her make-up.

Maxime also enjoys this thoroughly.. little fashionista in the making;)

My picks from this last stay…

Chanel Le Blanc de Chanel, sheer illuminating base

nars duo eyeshadow-kilamanjaro

free people tunic/dress(on flaxen)

soooo much fun!


4 thoughts on “shopping tawny’s closet

  1. seriously, I don’t often wear primers in the summer.. but perhaps am feeling like my age is catching up with me and I am starting to need a lil extra help. That base is brilliant indeed! I felt flawless;)
    And no, stacey.. I don’t think that could work as a dress on Tawny. She’s got a lil’ height on me! And you haven’t seen it probably because I don’t believe she’s actually ever worn it!! haha..

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