you won’t forget this password.

Two of my dear friends are getting married this coming saturday in West Hartford , CT (stay tuned for pics!!). Flaxen Tawny loves weddings, obviously. Being a busy hairstyling, blogging, traveling mom, I rarely find opportunities to dress myself up in a hot cocktail dress and heels anymore. So, I found myself in utter excitement in February when my girlfriend shared her wonderful news of engagement with me! Oh, the possibilities…I was on the hunt.

After finding the dress sometime in May, I immediately imagined pairing the short number with some nude-ish/mustardy-yellow heels to elongate my petite lil’ legs. I wanted something classy, fun, sexy, yet practical: something I would wear again, with something other than a cocktail dress. But, being the procrastinator that I am, I left the search for these babies until the Monday before the wedding.

Well, thank god for big favors (and shopaholics;). Tawny just so happened to be on her way to the mall with her sis! Knowing me (and shoes) so well, she immediately sent me this picture on arrival at Nordstrom.

Seychelles ‘Password’ in mustard yellow. Damn, she is good. It was the exact shoe I was looking for, and at only 90 dollars–a steal. The wide heel offers support and solidarity for all night dance parties, and may even keep me on my feet for a full day’s haircutting…regardless, I now have even more incentive to purchase those jbrand skinnys and hudson wide-legs I have had my eye on for this fall.


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