Flaxen Tawny, at your service;)

Recently, we’ve had numerous people communicate to us their love for our blog, and that makes us incontestably ecstatic! It’s a great feeling to know the many hours we commit to this blog are worth it to all of you:)

However, at the same time, there have been a handful of people asking us, “What exactly is Flaxen Tawny? Is it just a daily blog? Like, what exactly do you do?”

We have touched on our services a few times. We’ve written about it in the blog, as well as in ‘our scoop’, but we have yet to address specifically, by example, much of our actual work. So…Tada! Today marks the beginning of our sharing with you some of our revamps on a more regular basis. We hope that these visuals can give you all a much clearer idea of what FT is all about and what we, in tandem, can do for you!


Jen’s Revamp



“Kiss and make up–but too much makeup has ruined many a kiss.” – Mae West

Hair, Make Up and Styling by Flaxen Tawny

Accessories by fashionmongers

Photographs by TAB Photographic

Model: Jennifer O’Connell


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