It is Not In The Bag: a groovy, new addition

This blog posted a month ago regarding the misuse of backpacks in NYC was one of our favorites, so why wouldn’t we add another manbag suggestion?

A few days back, I had an appointment with “a special friend” and I was so blown away by his new carry-all bag, that I accosted him with questions about it: where did you buy it?, when? how much was it? (so inappropriate, right? thank goodness we have such an open relationship). Irregardless of my tactlessness, he was so enlivened by my recognition of it, that he was eager to give me information.

So we had a little lovefest over the manbag. Come to find out that it’s one of Paul Smith’s infamous designs. Pricey? Of course. But he did get it on sale!

Peter Hermann, a store in Soho has massive amounts of bags shelved in there; it is absolutely mind-blowing and perhaps, a tad cumbersome.

So unless your backpacking across Europe, climbing Mt. Everest or hitting up day care toddler style, keep on the look-out for bags like these. It won’t just be the kids in the sand box that will want to play with you;)


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