you don’t need to be a decadent, seafaring lounge lizard to sit on one of these

Trying to discover the best of everything and then call attention to it is really the ultimate goal of our blog. We have been very lucky to be pointed in the right directions by our own experiences and observations and also by the comments from readers like you. We pride ourselves on being aficionados of all things aesthetically pleasing.

So when we happened upon The Regency Shop website, we knew we had to blog about their amazing bar stools. Being of an age where going out to the ‘the bar’ is still sort of socially acceptable, many of us have spent time sitting on stools, waiting for Mr. or Mrs. Right or just trying to flag down the bartender for a much-needed cocktail. For the most part, the stools have always been backless circles of padding that we sit upon as straight as possible, in fear of developing late onset scoliosis.

When we are at home, whether we have a bar in our basement or an extended island in a kitchen summer house, we want our family and friends to be as comfortable as we can possibly make them. The Regency Shop is the go to place to find this.

It happens that their best sellers are not only chic, but…ON SALE:

Bombo- on sale for $55.00

Zenith- on sale for $65.00

Our colorful, stylish, and harmonious picks:

London- $355.00

Knox a Frame- $445.00

And, finally, our aspirational pick (doesn’t it just look so cozy?):

Uzuri- $1,925.00

So you want a cool bar stool now, don’tcha? Just enter promotional code FJK21 at the time of your checkout, and you will receive 5% off of your purchase thanks to the generosity of The Regency Shop. Who needs to sit on an uncomfortable stool waiting around for nothing to happen (and spending money doing it), when you can be with those you really love in the comfort of your own home, having great cocktails and conversations for free?

Not even a question for us…

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