when life hands tawny lemons, she twists some of the peel into a martini;)

A few weeks ago, I met up with a date right smack dab in the middle of the East Village, at the Astor Place subway stop. To be honest, I did not want to go…I even considered a last minute stomach bug. But since dating is a sociological experiment of mine (I swear!!), I decided to just go through with it; even though I didn’t like the guy much, had nothing in common with him, and frankly didn’t find that attractive.

Apparently, my date (weighing in at a cool 158 lbs tops with a 6’5 stature) presumed that I was new to NYC, since I came all the way from Brooklyn, and wanted to show me his ‘old hood’. So I got a walking tour of sights such as St. Marks Place, Tompkins Square Park, street vendors, pommes frites-all things that I know quite well being 10 years a New Yorker. And to be honest, I am not sure why I didn’t stop him and say “Oh, I am very familiar with the area.” It was like I was relishing in his flailing arms pointing to things that excited him and were exciting for him to teach me. I didn’t want to burst his bubble.

So I went along with it and feigned a dumbfounded brooklyn girl, my eyes popping open at every site he showed me. And I actually had a good time pretending to be a naive newcomer to an area so rich with culture, fashion, and food; so busy and thriving it was refreshing to see after a few recession filled years in the Big Apple.

My date was really into hats, so he wanted to show me his favorite hat store, where upon entering the store, both he and the owner shared a ‘bro hug’ and I was then formally introduced (I had to smile since it was so cheesy). Two really cool things then occurred.

First, the owner, a really avant garde kinda dude said to me upon a handshake ‘Your hair coloring is unbelievable…like a work of art’. Obvi!! Flaxen’s my personal hair stylist 😉

Second, the store had some really cool merchandise, I must admit, but it was not the hats that drew me in; it was this one pair of earrings on display that caught my wandering eye. This beautiful pair of silk flower earrings was remniscent of hydrangea at the beach and had FT’s name written all of over them. However, they were slightly damaged and were the only ones at the store. It was at that very moment that I told my tour guide I had to return home for an early morning yoga class (lie). We exchanged goodbyes, I hopped in a cab and like the crazy person I am, ran to my computer in a quest to find them.

After a few attempts, I found them in a jewelry store in Thailand and waited almost 4 weeks for them to arrive. Of course, I bought my partner in business, crime and style a pair as well.

So on this sand filled week, we leave you with beachy flowers and love and the lesson that an act of creativity will always make something out of nothing…



4 thoughts on “when life hands tawny lemons, she twists some of the peel into a martini;)

  1. 🙂 I have to say, i love this blog! I felt like I was there and reading a good novel that ends with leaving me feel like I need to go shopping! LOL – you’re stories r great!

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