our weekly fashion deity

Being as inspired by fashion as we are, the thought of bringing our readers a weekly blog discussing our favorite fashion icons was clearly a no brainer. This week at FT is all about the seaside and shore and a paramour of the beach is non other than Gidget-specifically our very first one, Sandra Dee.

A little background: while her friend’s are obsessing about being pretty and sweet for teenage boys, the 17 year old Californian Francie Lawrence just wants to continue with the innocent, carefree and more tomboyish pursuits in which they’ve always partaken. While on a manhunt at the beach, Francie’s friends are interested in the boys there but Francie becomes more interested in the fact that the boys are surfing. All the surfers treat Francie like one of the guys and nickname her Gidget. Though she ultimately falls for one of the surfers and realizes ‘she likes boys too’, we adore Gidget for wanting to separate herself from the everyday California girl! It was also very out of the question for women to be surfing or doing much of anything aside from cooking during this time; a Gloria Steinem of sorts…ok, that’s a little bit of a reach;)

She was always rocking the cutest swimsuits and cover ups that were not only fashionable, but also made great sense for surfing! Check out the site Proper Vintage Clothing for well priced, thrift suits. Are you not a huge fan of already worn garb? You can also find some vintage inspired suits at Unique Vintage. We love this one on our right.

Gidget would be proud;)


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