she’s a small wonder…

…no, not Vicki, Jamie’s creepy robot sister from Small Wonder, but one of the best things that has ever happened to me, Tawny (not Kitaen).

A few years ago, I began noticing that my very first pierced earring hole started to droop. So many years of abusing my ears with heavy earrings had started taking a toll. It got so bad that I stopped wearing earrings altogether, something that I as an earring buff never presumed I would do. But I had no choice! Or so I thought.

It was only after a trip to one of Saks’ fine jewelry boutiques that I was informed of the earrings lifts, also called “Lobe Wonder”. The earlift does not heal pre-existing damage, but it does prevent further enlargement of earring holes. It is also hypoallergenic, something that we know is important to us and many other women. You should change the patch every two to three days. They range in price depending on where you are in the country. I have found the best prices to be at Clare’s Accessories in suburban malls.

We can not promise that you can wear those really heavy earrings again, but who cares?!! You CAN wear earrings again and not be embarassed about a droopy and painful earring hole. As we get older, we could all use a little lift here and there. The best part? No one has to ever know 😉


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