sweatpants are no solution.

For the most part, the fashion world is directed toward young, fairly thin women(or girls). Of course there are clothing lines and designers that cater more specifically to older age brackets, or men, or kids, but the shopping definitely becomes a bit more of a challenge.
Today flaxen tawny wants to talk about a demographic that is touched on far less than any of the above: ‘Plus size’ and ‘post-maternity’. Perhaps because it’s a touchy subject, or because it’s difficult for an industry as vein as this one to speak of obesity as an accepted state of being, this genre of clothing is considerably less explored, when the truth is that a very large percentage of our population is over weight.
It seems so easy for a skinny girl to say, ‘diet.. Lose weight, exercise!!’ But it truly is not always this simple. Of course we should ALL exercise. We all deserve to be healthy and feel good about ourselves, but for some, this is a much larger feat than others. So in the interim, what is a bigger girl to do?
It is frustrating to spend money on clothing when you aren’t happy at the weight you are. We tell ourselves we won’t buy any new clothing until we reach a certain weight, until we lose those pounds, until we fit back in those jeans that haven’t fit us in 6 years. It seems to make sense, but truthfully this is one of the most unhealthy trains of thought that does nothing more than induce stress and harbor feelings of self-disappointment. It keeps you stuck in the past wishing you were somewhere that you are no longer, someplace you will never be again. Our motto at FT is to never look back.. Take everyday for what it is and make moves toward a better you.. And sometimes your wardrobe is the first step;)
So our suggestion to anyone who is finding themselves in a point in their lives where they are less than pleased with their bodies, at least allow yourselves to be pleased with what you’re putting on it! Buy clothes that fit you now. Learn what styles and cuts look best on you, find your favorite feature and embellish it. Change you haircolor and try a new cut. Explore ways to minimize with colors, textures and patterns, and remember how beautiful you can still be, regardless of your dress size. Continue to work hard at bettering yourself, your health, and your image and be pleasantly surprised in a couple of months when your size 14 gets demoted by a 12;)

these blog and retail sites are our top picks for inspirition on obtaining and sustaining the most beautiful you.


this site actually pairs and completes whole ensembles.. very cool;) http://www.avenue.com/



One thought on “sweatpants are no solution.

  1. Great post and I agree totally. When my wife was pregnant and post-maternity, she got great compliments because she wore the right clothes.

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