Fashion Speak 101- Silkaline

There is something so romantic about silkaline, a soft light cotton fabric that resembles silk due to its glazed image. Most often, the colors used with silkaline are bright and attractive and are printed after the material is woven. For many years, it has been consistently used for draperies, household furnishings and clothing lining. However, this summer, we are seeing the fabric/pattern used in many whimsical dresses and peasant like shirts alike. Since cotton is used in this fabric, the material is breathable and light and keeps us from sweating! So instead of spending all of your money on botox-ing your armpits, spend it on some silkaline shirts, skirts and dressed to keep yourself cool for the remainder of the summer. This fabric will always be in style…just look at this adjacent ensemble born in the 1980’s(a 2-piece kit coming directly from the closet of Flaxen’s very own mom!). Goes to show that not everything worn in the 80’s should be permanently laid to rest;)


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