Fashion Speak 101-pant tutorial pour homme

It’s about time that all of you men out there begin schooling yourself on pants. Your girlfriends and mothers already know these rules and are exhausted from teaching you. That’s where we come in! No worries, we’ll only provide you with the quick and dirty low down. But please pay attention…you will be scoring mucho points with the ladies in your lives.

Pleated Pant: We are not huge proponents of the use of pleats on dress pants. However, there is a time and a place for most everything, including the pleat. If you have a larger thigh, torso or tush area, the vertical line of the pleat elongates these areas, giving the illusion of longer and slimmer. If you are thinner, you will need to avoid the pleat as it will slim you down too much. Also bare in mind that if a pant has a pleat, it must also have a cuff in order to hold the pleat in place.

Flat Front: Flat front pants are those widely used today and are generally the most flattering. If you are tall and thin, this pant style is for you. A cuff is not required here.

With Cuffs: If you are tall or small, cuffs provide a leaner and longer look. They also have the ability to show off a snazzy shoe as the cuff will hit right at the vamp (we already taught you about these).

Without Cuffs: If there is no cuff on a shorter man’s pants, the man will look taller. Enough said.

Slim-Fit: These are to be worn ONLY by slender men point blank

Wide-Leg: If you are larger on top (i.e. big honka man pectorals or lil baby belly), wide -leg pants will even you out by balancing your upper and lower halves.

As for the casual pant, you boys are already well versed in the choices here if you read this. You guys are like sponges, so you remember, right? 😉


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