104 Days of Summer

Autumn is around the corner, arguably the most favored season by the fashionistas of the world. Boots, lightweight jackets, hats, sweaters, JEANS! ahhhh fun is. The August issue of NYLON is the annual jeans issue. It’s got the skinny and the wide-leg on the best brands, styles, and prices to look for this season. We’ve been scoping out some of the looks coming up for Fall 2010 and of course like we always do, thought we’d share a couple of our favorite eye-catchers.

Of course the skinny jean is still plastered all over the legs of fall 2010, and the winner of the skinny award? JBrand, of course. Still going strong.

This next look makes both Flaxen and Tawny as equally excited about jean shopping this fall.. and that rarely happens;)

This Hudsonwide leg Jean is flattering on most everyone, making it our pick for the fall.

So get amped, get ideas, explore your options for this coming fall… but please do us all a favor and wait until after Labor Day to really start rocking these looks. I mean, we know New York is fashion-Forward, but if we have to look at one more nyc fashionista dressed in jeans and knee-high lace-up leather boots on an 85 degree July afternoon, we might scream. After all, out of 104, we technically still have another 60 some-odd days of summer left which is more than HALF. Let’s not rush it;)


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