when not to act like the frugal gourmet

In honor of his death, 6 years ago this month, we have decided to honor Jeff Smith (aka the Frugal Gourmet) and discuss a specific time when you should not be thrifty and splurge on the excess…mascara!

Ladies, it all comes down to the fact that mascara saves our faces at times. When you’re exhausted, rushed or simply want a bare minimum look, our favorite wand is always there for us. But we need to think about the long haul. Mascara gets caky and icky and let’s face it, many drug store brands feel great on day one, but by day 5, we’re all ticked cause it’s no longer covering our lashes the way it once did. This is not to say that expensive brands are any better.

However, there is one that tops our charts and has been for the past 6 months: Giorgio Amrani’s “Eyes to Kill” mascara. It lasts over three months, never causes those annoying eyelash chunks and makes your eyes pop like no other mascara we have tried to date. This is the only mascara that we will use on our clients as well. It may be $30, but it is so worth it; you will thank us!


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