Fashion Speak 101- Hug-me-Tight

Awww…’be mine’, ‘love me forever’, ‘stay true’…we kid! we kid! But, when Flaxen and fam are in Brooklyn, we can’t help but being like a lil family in a lil apt where there’s just so much ♥!

Hence our fashion speak for the day is dedicated to a close ‘knit’ and lovely little throw on called ‘hug-me tight’. This is woman’s short, close fitting jacket/sweater that is usually knitted or crocheted. It is similar to a modern day shrug, but much, much cooler. They were in style in the early 1960’s and again revisited (via the ‘shrug’) in the late 1990’s. Victoria’s Secret has a great take on this look as shown below. And what’s even better is that it comes in so many different color ways!

So let us all ‘hug it out’ when things at home become stressful and cumbersome, and (of course) look cute doing it 😉


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