the real last straw.

While cutting some hair at Boy Luv Girl salon in Brooklyn last week, I came across a very cool, colorful, woven bag being toted by one of my clients. I had to ask her where she found it, considering that I have been looking for a bag resembling the straw-like, woven hobo-style bags that I grew up watching my mom and my older sister carry around everywhere. I LOVED those bags, and upon asking my mother where she stashed all of hers a few years back, she told me that she tossed them. How sad..(note to moms or moms to be out there: save things for your daughters-they will appreciate it in years to come! Even if it’s something that you can’t imagine will ever resurface, you really just never know.)

So needless to say, I was amped to find that my client lived above the women who imports these beauties. Mar y Sol/Mad Imports is a Brooklyn-based company who imports handmade handbags from Madagascar and Kenya.

Check out a recent piece CNN did on this socially and environmentally conscientious company to learn abit more about exactly what they do and how they do it.

And check out their site for the Fall 2010 collection available November 1st to the public for a new array of colors and weaves that we are loving. We say you grab this Sayulita bag and head for the border…who doesn’t enjoy a weekend away to Mexico?


3 thoughts on “the real last straw.

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