Fashion Speak 101- Kick Pleats

Though this may sound like a term taken from our new favorite sport soccer (sigh, Beckham…) kick pleats are actually a fashion term. The pleat is inverted and is most often used at the bottom of a skirt to give it more room for leg movement.

We think it gives off a very ‘come-hither’, provocative look as the pleat moves gently while a woman is walking (not this woman though). The pleat is usually featured in longer length pencil style skirts and is located in front of the knee or behind the knee.

However, we often find these pleats used in furniture fabric coverings such as sofas, chairs and banquet seating that we see at many weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs and proms (just make sure you don’t show up drunk).

As for all of those seamstresses’ out there, follow this tutorial to make a kick pleat skirt yourself. We will have first dibs though 😉


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