Q & A with Flaxen Tawny- socks or no socks?

Flaxen Tawny, I need something settled. I’ve noticed a lot of guys wearing athletic style sandles w/ black low cut socks. I’ve always thought this was a fashion no no, but have seen it so much that I have started to question my own fashion sense. Can you weigh in on this?

-Robert L., Wethersfield, CT


Being big city girls at heart, neither Flaxen nor Tawny are big advocates of the rubber sports sandals with or without socks. But we also understand that our taste will not be that of the entire population. We understand that after a soccer game some of our very cute FIFA friends might want to get out of their kleets quickly and into something a bit more comfortable. And being that neither one of us plays soccer, who are we to judge? So we thought we’d delve a bit further into this and see what people in places that are a bit more sport oriented were doing.

Spending quite a good deal of time in quebec city, I(flaxen) am surrounded by these sporty types. We live just across from the St. Laurence river here where a long bike trail follows the edge of the fleuve. Here, all day long I see people running, biking, rollerblading, etc. I actually just saw 2 shirtless men run passed directly in front of the window as I am writing this. They’re serious here. If I were going to see some people in sports sandals, I think this would be the place.

So after some decent research, the brand to go with for when looking for a sports sandal is hands down Merrell. These shoes are of the highest quality out there, the styles varying from supportive flip-flop thongs to hybrid shoe/sandals. We see them on tons of people up here in Quebec, as well as in the states. My brother worked at an outdoor store for years and he swears by them.
But to accurately answer your question: none of these sandals should ever be worn with socks. It’s simply just not cute. Unless that is you’re David Beckham in which case you can pretty much do whatever you want. 😉
And as for this look… well, let’s just say we agree with this guy.


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