Fashion Speak 101- Voile

The weather in NYC is hot and humid. Walking around in your birthday suit still couldn’t alleviate this heat. But, that’s not really a viable option. Voile, on the other hand, is!

Voile is a lightweight, open-weave fabric made of tightly twisted combed yarns, giving it a grainy feel. Most often, voile presents itself through fabric that is 100% cotton or cotton blends including linen and polyester.

As many fashion terms do, the name voile comes from the French word for veil and most of the fabric is used in curtains and home decor due to its light weight. However, we are seeing it on the streets of NYC on the most fashionable fashionistas in dress form. We love the adjacent look, as the dress is made from voile. But this dress also represents another one of our favorite fashion terms, asymmetric, as the dress falls lower on one side. Killing two birds with one stone is so darn efficient. That is practically Flaxen and Tawny’s second motto!

So let’s enjoy this weather, as we will be pining for it come December. But for right now, as our friend Snoopy says, Stay Cool 😉


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