even Vicky can’t keep this a secret.

You may not live in South Beach, but why not pretend?! And if you reside in the north-east corner of this continent, these past few days have sure as hell felt like it. I’m in Quebec City and the temperature here has been at a near 35-40 degrees celsius (pushing 100 and + fahrenheit for us US residents who haven’t used celsius since our college chemistry labs). That’s hot. And that’s Canada. I feel bad for Tawny in Brooklyn right now. đŸ˜‰

When amidst heat like this, the only thing one can do to keep cool(without locking yourself indoors in the AC) is to find a pool or a beach or someplace with water… and of course a very cute bathing suit is key. In my early twenties, I usually spent a good amount of money once or twice a summer on a decent suit, usually from a surf shop in Rhode Island. I loved the Roxy’s and Billabong’s. I sort of had that surfer girl thing going(without the actual surfing of course). But in the past few years my taste has changed a bit, and I have been in search of a quality suit with a bit more style and class. We have always found it quite simple to sift through a Victoria’s secret catalog and admire the perfect bodies of these one of a kind models in dainty suits and say, yeah, I’d like that for myself (I think we all know that we were referring to more than just the suit). And honestly, 120 dollars later, we have a suit that is alright, but perhaps not really worth l’argent.

This year we came across a company whom we are really excited about. South Beach Swimsuits is an online high-end swim wear store that offers suits for women ranging from 15-70 years of age. The company was started in a tanning salon in Avon, CT in 2002 by Donna Grossman. Over time, they’ve grown into one of the largest online swim suit retailers out there. The site is unbelievable, offering 40+ brands of designer suits, dresses, tunics, jeans, and accessories. Some of our favorites include;Gottex, Vix Hermanny,Vitamin A, Betsey Johnson, and Sauvage. You can browse by Brand or category, which we find super convenient. Among the categories you have D-DD cup bikinis, Resort Wear, Maternity, and Mastectomy Swim Suits.

The maternity and mastectomy suits are ingenious and so important for the comfort and self-image of a woman going through a change in her body. The maternity suits are a bit more supportive in the breast areas and are cut with more material to allow room for the lil bean growing inside. The mastectomy suits are cut a bit higher in the arms and neck as to offer full coverage for any scarring. They also include a pocket in the breast area for optional form insertion if needed. Being a Blog for helping any person create and maintain the most beautiful version of one’s self, we think this is pretty awesome.

I myself have a beautiful Vitamin A reversible string bikini. The material is of the utmost quality and the ability to reverse from the bright colorful print to a clean white pin-stripe I just find to be brilliant;)

So do yourselves a favor and pick yourself up a South Beach suit now before the summer slips away from you and you will actually have to travel to South Beach to wear it! And the best part about this?? Being a friend of Flaxen Tawny will get a you a 10% discount on any purchase. Just enter FlaxenTawny as a coupon code, et Voila!! We promise you won’t be disappointed.


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