Fashion Speak 101- four-in-hand tie

Who knew there were so many types of ties out there? I mean, we knew there were bow ties and regular ties and um ascots… but it is the four-in-hand tie that warrants a flow chart and is really the most traditional tie in a sense. Will wonders never cease?

So the long necktie will actually go around the neck once, with one end looping over the other end twice (see pics 3 and 4).Finally, it is pulled through the loop making a slip knot (no, not these creeps).

The name ‘four-in-hand’ came out of England as they believed the tie resembled the knots used in the reins of upper class English horse carriages. And today, it is the most popular and simple way for a man or woman (yes, you Brenda Walsh) to tie a necktie. Interesting how the plebeian class took over and gentrified such a haut monde term isn’t it? We love it.

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