Fashion Speak 101-Chemise

Like so much of our language, our fashion speak term today is actually borrowed from the french word la chemise which today means a button down dress shirt, or simply a shirt, but historically in both languages referred to an undergarment of sorts. On women usually a thin, short, slip-dress and on men something similar to an undershirt.

In the english speaking fashion world today, a chemise is categorized in the as a type of lingerie. It is a straight cut that falls just above the knee(or when used as lingerie, at or just below the hips). It usually has thin, spaghetti-like straps that are sometimes adjustable. Most chemise are made with a silky type of material and can be worn as a slip undergarment, alone as a dress, as a top with crop shorts or a pencil skirt underneath, or simply in the bedroom as the sexy piece negligee that it is!

So yes, the english and the french may have their quarrels and discrepancies, but we always seem to come back together in the world of fashion… and in terms of lingerie and negligee, well, they don’t call French the language of love for nothing;)


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