cinnamon, not cinnabun

We are very food conscious here at our blog and understand that we need to be at our best both inside and out. Being plagued with food allergies and other health problems for over a decade, I believe that there are some universal food truths for everyone, regardless of whether or not you suffer from any health issues. By just tweaking our daily diets, we can make such a positive difference in how our bodies function. Maybe this is not your bag, but we’re big proponents of trying suggestions to see if they do make a difference.

Having been working at a desk half my adult life, I would find myself starvin’ like marvin’ and od’ing on high carbohydrate food to give me ‘energy’ or so I thought. Since I stopped wearing that cubicle hat, I have found tricks to make me feel fuller longer. Fiber rich fruits and veggies really serve that energetic purpose. These include apples, carrots, beans and peas (we know peas can be one of those ‘gag me with a spoon’ veggies, but could be worth a try).

Want to speed up your metabolism? We like these three easy methods:
1) Cinnamon sprinkled in your coffee or on fruit (or both!)
2) Warm water with lemon
3) Oolong tea to burn calories and fat (it has a nutty taste)

Just a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down? No!! Pasadena! Artificial sweeteners may site being ‘fat free’ and ‘low calorie’ but these unnatural additives are so much harder for your body to break down,
and is proven to actually slow down your metabolism. Instead, we recommend Truvia or pure Stevia extract(which you can find in liquid or powder form) if you’re diabetic or are allergic to sugar. If not, try cold pressed honey, agave or essential cane sugar to switch it up.

Our bodies are our temples, so let’s start honoring them! We don’t want to wind up as poorly kept ol’ sarcophagi.


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