leave the diapers for the babes…

I was just yesterday informed through twitter of the latest interesting bridal accessory: bridal diapers. Our photographer friend Tim Brown tweeted a link to an article on Frisky.com talking about the said phenomenon. Being a stylist for brides for years now, I have to say that I have never heard of this before, nor do I ever want to again! Tim was funny, in his tweet he said that he’d be happy to send along his assistant to aid the bride in the bathroom. Seriously, this is what your maid of honor is for ladies!! We understand that the going to the bathroom ain’t an easy chore when dressed in a french bustle cathedral train, but your wedding day is the day to feel at your utmost elegant, sexy and simply beautiful.. I can almost guarantee you that sticking a diaper under your dainty little undergarment will subtract from that tremendously, nevermind put a damper on the post-ceremony fore-play with your newly wed.

We found some great tips as alternatives to diapers on aisledash.com, one of them being to steer clear of the liquids as to avoid frequent bathroom trips. But we say that if you think you will want to enjoy a few glasses of champagne on your big day(because we know we will), perhaps you should take that into consideration before purchasing a dress that takes 20 minutes to get in and out of.

So, unless of course you plan on drinking to the point of vague recollection where you probably won’t care regardless(like this beauty),do yourselves and your significant other a huge favor on your wedding day and use the toilet like the lady that you are. Remember that when searching for your wedding accessories, ‘something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue’ does not pertain to depends.


One thought on “leave the diapers for the babes…

  1. My sister just sent me an article for those bridle diapers, it is so gross! I cannot imagine how anybody in there right mind would think that’s ok! My sister is well informed that she will be aiding me in the bathroom, after all that what love is!

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