a hairy face indicates a manly soul

There is something about facial hair that really gets our goat. We think it’s quite the sexy look, when worn correctly. As women, we have been directed to shave several components of our bodies on almost a regular, daily basis, but men? Nooooo…the only thing they have to shave is their face and they don’t even need to do that everyday. For most men, shaving just a few times a week is more than enough to get rid of the stubble; the end result being a face ‘as smooth as a baby’s bottom’. Must be nice.

However, even if groomed properly, there are still some applicable rules re: facial hair. Here are some quickie tips as to how to best rock a hair ridden mug.

Some no’s:

Elvis is dead. So are lamb chops. Eat them with mint jelly and be done.

Fu Manchu’s are for Chinese film villains only even if you reside in the slums of Shaolin.

Save the soul patches(or as we hate to even acknowledge calling them, flavor savers) for American Idols and their constituents.

Full beards are dreamy, but shouldn’t be worn unless it really is grown in full. Stragglers tend to be a little prepubescent.

Some yes’:

A well manicured stubble effect is great as long as its kept up every three days

When keeping a full bearded look, the 3 day grooming rule still applies, boys! The neck area(below the jaw line) and upper cheek area should be clean-shaven approximately every 3 days, and the entire beard trimmed at least once every 1-2 weeks depending on how quickly your hair grows. That is unless you’re Wolverine.

And finally, for all of you cuties with dimples, the porn stash mixed with a full goatee is our pick for 2010.

We can all relate to shaving mishaps, but to avoid the obvious perils, we recommend you check out the Gillette site for a great, how to tutorial. We can all learn a little something extra about things we believe we already know 100% about and here at FT, we try to learn a lil’ something new everyday.


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