sweet land of liberty

There is something about being in Cape Cod for the 4th of July weekend that totally embodies the meaning of patriotic. Parades, flags, barbeques, picnics, baseball games and cocktails on the beach are only part of it. Being with our loved ones and giving thanks for our independence from Great Britain is the rest!

We hope you all have a heathy and happy weekend-enjoy our take on fashion, fun and mayhem.


Such a sweet kid, but no boy tank tops unless they are worn under shirts or to the gym

The ultimate in 4th of July Sheek

This may be America, but you’re not Paul Revere

A Fashionista in the making

A low key, sexy, effortless ensemble. Happy Birthday Mr. Presdent 😉

Taking a 99 cent tee and creating a rebelliously dangerous look

Not a low key way of expressing one’s patriotism

This tween was perfectly outfitted from head to toe. We love braids!

A fun way of accessorizing for the holiday

And finally, our Chatham A’s. They can wear whatever their little hearts desire.. Sigh…


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