when all else fails, leave it to the lips.

During these hot and humid summer months, the last thing we really want to be doing is caking on layers of makeup. And if we are lucky enough to get outside a bit (with spf of course), we may be able to sport that sun-kissed glow for a couple of months sans foundations, powders, etc. But sometimes we still need a little pick me up regardless of our bronzed visages. Who better to help you out in that area, but your very own lustrous lips.

One of our favorite summer makeup looks is simple, sexy and super easy. All you will need is

Starting with the moisturizer, apply a dime size amount to the entire face and neck. Then with the liquid bronzer/foundation, take your finger tips and dab small spots across the top of your moisturized forehead, along the edges of the face, the tops of the cheek bones, the nose, along the jaw line, and a couple of spots on either side of the neck. These are all of the areas that the sun hits naturally when outdoors. With your fingers, in a circular motion, massage the tint into the skin until blended. Add more moisturizer to dilute if needed.

In choosing a lip color, start with the liner. With this look, the liner is your color. And because the lips are our only focus here, choose something bright, warm and fun.We recommend you find a shade that works well on you, (darker olively tones should steer away from the magenta/ blue toned reds and stick with something warmer). Start by outlining the lips with the color of your choice, and then blending the pencil into the center of the lips. Apply a small amount of the gloss to the center of the lips and purse your lips together to spread the gloss. You can also use your finger to reach all contours of the lip.

Et VOILA! C’est fini.. easy as 123. You are left with this simple yet bold statement, sometimes less really is more.


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