Q&A with Flaxen Tawny- a teenybop perspective.

Q: I need some gift giving fashion advice. I have my two nieces birthdays coming up and I need to continue my streak as their “cool uncle from NYC” getting them trendy clothes from New York City. The two of them are such little fashionistas so I’m always looking for something that is unique. In the past I’ve been able to find cute outfits at H&M or Zara that are really cute and hip but now they are in a demographic between kid and teenager that I can’t seem to find things at either store. Where can I find the perfect outfits for them with out spending an insane amount of money on a designer dress?Or maybe an alternative to a cute outfit???

A: Tween is a difficult age bracket to shop for as you have clearly picked up on! We want to make sure that your ‘cool uncle’ status stands unrivaled. Some thoughts:

1) The fashionflat sketchpad by Hokey Croquis. It is currently available for $14.95 on amazon.com and includes 40 pages of preprinted outlines where they can create professional and accurate designs. Parsons School of Design, here they come!

2) Who doesn’t love pictures? When FT were tweens, we had pictures taped all over our walls. These no frills stick on picture frames are great for creating a montage of pictures in a neat and fashionable way. You can find these Butch and Harold Sticker Picture Frames on amazon.com as well for $19.95.

3) We wouldn’t want our pre-teens to go unnoticed would we? For that mini-me New York look, the best site for clothing is juvieshop.com. In particular we love this dress since it is so sophisticated, yet so age appropriate. Bonus? It’s designer and on sale. We don’t back the 13 going on 23 look.

4) If you really want a one of a kind look for your little ladies, where else would you go then Beacon’s Closet! Beacon’s is one of the best thrift stores in Brooklyn and we at FT are first class shoppers there. No one will be wearing what the girls will be since it is physically impossible (well, almost…). This plaid little dress may be an adult size XS, but will undoubtedly fit a pre-teen little queen. We think it’s adorable!

When alls said and done, your heralded status as the most creative, loving and thoughtful uncle will stand uncompromised. We will spread the word as well ๐Ÿ˜‰



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