Fashion Speak 101- Darts

It’s July 1st, so with the new month, we bring you a new focus. July will be the month of fashion terminology. We think that it’s of the utmost importance to know such terms so that we can all identify what works on us and what doesn’t. Today, we’re all about darts.
So darts are the V-shaped tuck that is sewn into a garment in order to shape the fabric so that the garment fits the rounded parts of the body. They are most often found at the bust line, the back shoulder, the waistline, and the hipline. For the most part, it helps bring out the shape of the wearer and defines our curves. However, they can also be cumbersome and fit awkwardly, adding more dimension to a women’s figure.

We lead, by example, as always.

Unflattering Darts: As seen here, the darts suggest a bigger bust, hip line and booty area. Since these are the most sensitive areas of our bodies, we want to draw attention to them in a positive way only. It also gives off an illusion of stiffnessFlattering Darts: As evidenced below, the darts sewn into this skirt bring in the models waist leading to a more defined hipline, creating that vava voom hourglass shape that we all would kill for

To surmise, if you want to pull off a dart, you may have to spend a little more dough re me if you want to make it work 😉


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