too old for romparoom? we say never…

Sugar and spice and everything nice, that’s what little girls are made of… And their clothing for that matter. Being a fairly new mom, I have had the recent experiences and privilege of shopping for my little girl. I have to say that I enjoy it 20 more times than shopping for myself. Designers have all the childrens’ best interest in mind, as well as convenience for the parents. Of all of the places I’ve found so far, Baby Gap might be taking home the award for design in fashion, comfort, and longevity. The best piece I’ve purchased is this one piece black floral jumper. The material is a super lightweight cotton, and loose so as to keep the baby comfortable all day long. Being a one piece, it takes the thought and annoyance out of dressing your little girl.
My immediate thought after seeing this back in January was, ‘why don’t the fashion designers take a hint from these guys and make stuff like this for adults?? Cause I’d wear this!!!’ Well, someone was listening because a month later, I saw the ‘grown-up’ version of this in an urban outfitters, of course. And this summer they are the hottest look going. Now, flaxen tawny is a big advocate of following your own style and not diving head first into every trend that comes to pass, but we think this is a look that should stick around for a while. Aside from being super easy and comfy, their playful look is remnant of your childhood summer get-ups (or perhaps your daughter’s). These ‘rompers’ help to lighten our wardrobe load as well as our hearts;)


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