james cameron won’t be directing this sequel

A little birdie flying around the tri-state area recently informed us that a salon somewhere in this neck of the woods has been ‘trend forecasting’ the comeback of frosting and cap highlighting. Let’s quash those rumors before they reach Pennsylvania. These processes are not back and will never be back. They weren’t cool in the 80’s, definitely are not cool now and will not be in the forseeable future. Aside from the fact that cap highlighting is extremely painful, it is also very difficult to maintain. Ladies, please note that this is not appropriate for your man either. If they want a little lift, take a lemon and hit the beach for the day. We find that to be just the right amount for your guy. You don’t want to wake up next to this.

We know in the fashion world that at times, trends resurface. This is not one of them. Let’s lay it to rest and leave it for our avatars in another life.


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