we still want your boys to swim!

There are few things that are more disenchanting then a man whose jeans are too tight; roller derby-ing and children on leashes to name a few. Our trend driven society that goes back and forth between fads is way too confusing for the male consumer that has no taste of their own. Let us review:
In the 1980’s, the style was a washed out, tapered jean look. Point blank, these should not be worn at all. Anymore. Ever again.
In the 1990’s, the trend was more of a baggy, ‘I think I am a rapper but I so am not’, ‘Look at my boxer briefs, I think I am Marky Mark’ look.

In the 2000’s, the jean sort of morphed between boot cut and straight leg, skinny and tapered, baggy but not saggy.
However, around 2004-2005, the ‘metrosexual’ immerged in NYC and spread its wings across the country in the upcoming years. As women and men, we became a bit uncomfortable that our boyfriends butts looked cuter in jeans than ours, their breasts/pecs bigger and their full monte exposed to all men and women to see and easily grope.
Finally the 2010’s are here. We think that trends for men’s jeans should really be thrown out the proverbial window. We want all of you guys to wear what is comfortable for you! Granted, we are women writing this blog, but we can still voice our opinion and provide tips as to what might be a good fit for you (we wouldn’t be flaxen tawny if we didn’t).
Some don’ts:
1) stay away from embellished jeans. Please. Grommets and studs are for the ladies, if at all.
2) don’t bite at thick stitching, it just makes your tush look bigger by drawing more attention to it.
3) if jeans are too tight, you leave nothing up to the imagination (even if that is your intention).
Some do’s:
1) a little room goes a long way.
2) distressed jeans are perfectly acceptable and to be quite honest, hot.
3) darker jeans will never fail you and will last longer than lighter ones.

We endorse Levis for all of our ‘do’ jeans. But if you don’t find something there, contact us and we can personally shop them for you 😉


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