v-back, for all man-kind.

We believe it’s important to acknowledge the common truth that as much as we love thinking that we can wear the same clothing as the 105 lb, 6 foot tall, 19 year-old models that so peculiarly appear in every clothing ad from internet to catalog, WE CAN’T. Or we can, but we need to stop expecting to look anything like them. Although this can be discouraging, it doesn’t have to be. Think of these girls as perhaps a version of you. We can find inspiration from them, but in order to do this efficiently, we need to come to terms with our bodies, our shapes, our strengths and weaknesses, and from this mold the perfect look for you!

Take for example, the v-back. I myself am 122 lbs, 5 foot 3 with a size 34-36 B/C bra (how’s that for honesty??). I have always loved the v-back, finding it extremely sophisticated and sexy at the same time. I also have very broad shoulders, and have always thought I had the perfect back for a dress like this, except that the full exposure doesn’t leave much room for a bra. This poses a problem for me, especially after breast-feeding my daughter for 9 months. To go bra-less is no longer an alternative for me. So, I have one of two options.. I could either completely disregard my personal comfort and judgment of fashion and go sans-bra, or try to create or find MY version of the v-back.

Seeing as how I don’t have a whole lotta time to actually make myself a dress.. I was on the hunt. And, this is what I recently came up with. We saw this girl outside of a restaurant on 5th avenue in Brooklyn and just had to stop to grab a shot. This was it! The material was perfect, structured enough to support the girls, and yet low enough in the back to have that sexy, slimming effect. And the short skirt is a bonus, giving the appearance of height by elongating the legs.

So our advice to the discouraged shoppers out there.. don’t give up! There is always something that can work for you, you just may have to search a bit harder than say, your friends at ford.. and we don’t mean the car company;)


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