when angry, count to four. when very angry, swear…

or when angriest, shop!

Here at our blog, we like to be as honest and forthcoming as possible, but never to a fault. We understand that at times everyone has a shard of anger, a dash of rage or a smidgen of fury. Instead of projecting your animosity towards others, we think that a picture says more than 1,000 words. So if you are feeling like you should be signing up for anger management classes, think again! Wear your feelings and quit emoting them.
We adore the totes, t-shirts and wallets from Angry Little Girls by Lela Lee. Her pieces have the cutest little way of communicating how you truly feel, without coming across as a crazy biatch.

Hint: If you like any of the items on the site, let us know by commenting on this post. We happen to be very close with a company that has many of these on line items at a 15% discounted rate 😉 😉


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