diaper backward spells repaid. think about it ;)

To all of you mommies out there, FT would like to pose a question: how much money do you think you spent on maternity clothing?

As a fairly new mom myself (I have a nine month old girl), I can still clearly recall the evolution of my pregnant self. I swore that I wasn’t going to fall victim to the ‘maternity’ shopping, but I realized rather quickly that the little baby inside of me wasn’t going to leave me much of a choice. It was unbelievable how my body changed, and from the very start! By two months, I had gone up a full cup in bra size. I love my jeans on the tighter side, but this was a little too tight for comfort. By four or five months, I had finally given in and went to a maternity store in CT with a girlfriend who was also pregnant.

I don’t know why, but I was shocked at the prices of some of these items of clothing. I mean, you’re only pregnant for nine months, and these shirts and jeans were just as pricey if not more so than things I would buy to wear for years to come! It was discouraging because I was really trying to pinch my pennies in anticipation of the new arrival;) But I was desperate. It is difficult enough to experience the changes alone in our bodies as pregnant women, but our hormones run rampant as well. Everyone always tells us how as pregnant women we ‘just glow’, and sometimes we just want to smack them in response. We don’t always feel so glowy. We feel fat, and awkward, and uncomfortable. In the beginning, it’s even worse because no one knows you’re pregnant, they just think you’ve been skipping the gym. So it is imperative that we at least have clothes that actually fit our morphing bodies, which is what maternity clothes are designed for, clearly.

So, how do we get around this problem? The answer is RESALE my friends. We are all about consignment for our children’s clothing because of how quickly they grow out of things, but tend to turn up our noses to the idea for ourselves. When you really think about it, it’s the same thing. Our ever-changing pregnant bodies are just that because we have a little bean growing inside!

Brooklyn, being the baby haven for city folk, has quite a few of these stores as well as online parent communities where people can trade/sell/gift clothing, and accessories conveniently. Madison Rose is a store on Court Street that is specifically a maternity resale boutique. If you are not in Brooklyn, google ‘maternity resale’ or search for parent groups online and see what you can come up with! It is a guilt-free way to stay feeling good about your new shape, and to share that feeling with new mommies to come.


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