flaxen tawny.. more than your daily blog.

Since starting our blog, we have been getting numerous people asking the same question.. What services does flaxen tawny offer? We are huge proponents of word of mouth, but are feeling a bit more open for discussion than usual. Generally speaking, if we blog about it, we do it. I am a hair stylist and makeup artist for 8 years now and as some of you may or may not know, consulting with people about hair and makeup entails much more than knowing how to do hair. It requires the ability to understand people. It’s a psychology of sorts requiring us to know much more about a person than just how they wear their hair. We need to know how they dress, about who they are as individuals. And from this we determine what look will work best on them. Dana has years of education in image consulting, styling and makeup application. She also has buying experience in areas like dress (formal and informal), suit and fine and fashion jewelry.

Together, we are combining our skills and collectively creating a full service styling agency to meet almost any need a client may have. From wedding and event styling to hair styling or makeup applications and lessons, flaxen tawny will be there to guide and council you through it. We will take our clients shopping (or we can shop without you) for interviews, basic work ensembles or other events. We will even come to your home and help you revamp a wardrobe without spending all that extra money on new clothes.

We believe that finding our happiest self is much more than just surface deep. We want to acknowledge first hand that what’s outside can and will influence where we are inside. So we want to encourage you to find that person within you…without breaking the bank.

Hope you all have a great weekend.


Jenn + Dana


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