we like it homegrown.

There are things about new york city that we all love.. and there are things about New York City that we loathe too. But, flaxen tawny likes to TRY to stay enthusiastic about things (even though it’s not always that easy;)). So, we want to share one of the positive characteristics of New York, more specifically Brooklyn, and perhaps inspire some of our other city friends to follow suit.
Brooklyn is a wonderfully, self supportive borough. The people of BK might describe themselves as a bit more simple, grounded, earth friendly, and baby friendly than say their neighboring Manhattanites. Brooklynites are generally proud and share this common pride with one another by only carrying BK based designers in their boutiques and only local artists in their galleries. A lot of the people have backyards, and in their backyards they have gardens where they grow their own vegetables and flowers. There are numerous farmers markets with almost solely local vendors. Chances are, if a Brooklynite sees an item of any sort in a local shop, market, or whatsoever they will be much more likely to spend the extra dough on it.
One of our favorite new shops in the area that represents BK designers only is Charlie -n- Diamond on Atlantic Ave (between Henry and Hicks). They carry clothing and accessories for children and adults, and you can be sure when shopping here that everything you find is made in BK. And why is this a good thing? Because to be self sustaining is to thrive in life! And it always feels good to honor thy neighbors;)
So we feel that the rest of the cities, boroughs, and suburbs alike should take a few pointers from Brooklyn when it comes to this matter. After all, if we can’t take care of ourselves, who will?


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